In March, we noticed a leap in domain name registrations related to Coronavirus. Starting from the first of March till the 17th of March, we analyzed about 11,00 new domains related to Coronavirus.


Although, most of the new domains are related to business and domain trade industries. However, still, many of those new domains belong to scammers and spammers. The analysis shows that 6.5% of domains are related to malicious activities.

Coronavirus scammer and spammer domains


Also, the majority of that movement happened on March only as of the following graph shows when those malicious domains are registered:


We have published the analysis results on our GitHub repositoryand we will keep updating it every two days. Companies can leverage the data feeds to protect their users from spams and scams that exploit the panic the users have about COVID-19.

As of 17th March, the results contain:

  • Malicious IPs
  • Malicious new domains
  • All new domains

ScanTitan Threat Intelligence provides Coronavirus cyber security threat intelligence feeds and we will update the above list automatically every two days on GitHub directly.