Vulnerability Scanning

ScanTitan finds vulnerabilities on published website, web application or web service. Example of vulnerabilities are XSS, SQLi, CSRF, XEE, LFI, RFI and others

It is cloud-based scanner where no need to install any software on the scanned target.

We scans for web server security issues and not only application level issues. This includes network security issues, SSL/TLS security issues, port scanning and running services.

ScanTitan is smart and can detect the running Content Management System (CMS), frameworks that are been used and other utilized technologies.

Cyber Exposure Scanning

ScanTitan finds important information that hacker can exploit and utilize to drive more sophisticated attacks against your web application and network.

Information exposure is very important for hackers to drive attacks against your organization.

With ScanTitan you will not miss any exposed information as we scan Whois data, DNS entries, IP addresses information, Email server and DNSRBL, Default files, Sub domains and others.

ScanTitan even tries to find any hidden information by brute-forcing and using attacker methodologies to detect any exposed information.

Threat Intelligence and Alerting

ScanTitan Threat Alert is real-time threat intelligence dashboard that collects and analyzes all relevant data to detect any threat for your organization cyber exposure.

With more than 10 use cases for threat intelligence, we cover all possible and modern threats that might affect your business and reputation.

We minimize the noise by focusing on important threats and sending real-time alerts and notifications to keep your organization safe and ready for detected threats.

Manage Your Organization Cyber Exposure Security