This guide will tell you how to reduce your website and online services attack surface by finding your security exposures using ScanTitan free online vulnerability scanner.


What is website security exposure?

With an increasing rate of cyber-attacks daily, there are various factors in which website security exposure is one that allows a website to become vulnerable and exposed to attacks.

Website exposure in simple terms refers to information that is exposed on the website. Examples of this information are IP address, version of website template, JavaScript libraries, admin users, web hosting, DNS, and others.

As a website owner, web application security should be top on your mind as your website is susceptible to being exploited by hackers. If you run a small business and own a website, you probably might not take website security risks seriously. Many of us tend to think that hackers and hacking are in the similitude of what we watch in movies or hacking is done when it concerns the government and large corporations. But the truth is that there is a tendency for your website to have security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers.

In order not to fall, a victim of these cybercriminals, there is the need for a website security checker in which we at ScanTitan have provided you with the best web vulnerability scanner you can find online.

The best strategy for protection is to reduce your attack surface (areas that hacker can exploit to hack your website), you can read more on Wikipedia here.


Problems of website security exposure

There are numerous problems attached to website security exposure as hackers tend to access your website, most times gain control of the hosting server or crash the website. These problems can be tackled with a proper website enumeration scanner which ScanTitan provides.

The reason for a website security checker to scan this exposed information is because:

  • Hackers can destroy your brand: If you have poor web application security, hackers can find important information on your website that can be exploited. Once this is done, they compromise your website to make money by distributing SEO spam, malware, and even set up phishing sites and e-mail spam servers. This can compromise important business relationships, affect your customers, SEO rank, other websites, and as well destroy your brand. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a website enumeration scanner scans your website security posture and get rid of all vulnerabilities that could enable hackers to gain control of your website and ultimately destroy your brand. ScanTitan is a website enumeration scanner online that can serve as website security to find this important information that hackers can exploit and utilize to drive more effective attacks against your web application and network.
  • Hackers are exploiting this information: With the use of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques, hackers leverage that discovered information on other attack scenarios. Also, there are specialized tools created by the cybercriminal that searches for common and publicized website vulnerabilities using important information that can be exploited. Once these vulnerabilities are found, they are then exploited to steal data, distribute spiteful contents, or insert spam content into the vulnerable site. To avoid this, you should improve your website security posture and with ScanTitan, the best web vulnerability scanner, you can be assured of an improved website security posture.


How can I reduce my website attack surface with ScanTitan?

To improve your website security posture and be free from attacks, you need a good website enumeration scanner.

We at ScanTitan offer attack surface scanning and monitoring packages that serve the purpose of a website attack surface reduction using our security checker, scanning your website to find important information that hackers can exploit and utilize to drive more sophisticated attacks against your web application and networks.

The packages on this best web vulnerability scanner are:

Basic Website Exposure Scanning

This package offers a website security scan on you’re the basic information from your website. On the free website exposure scanning, we provide web application security by scanning basic information like IP address, DNS, users, and others.

At this stage, we run a website security scan to help you check your website security posture and detect what exposed information can be easily exploited by these cybercriminals. With this website security checker, you can be assured of the safety of your website and a lesser tendency of being exposed to attack.

360 Website Exposure Scanning

Since any website, enumeration scanner can scan the basic information on a website, you might ask; “how about hidden information?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Using the 360 website exposure scanning package at ScanTitan, our scanning goes beyond the basic information.

Unlike other web application scanner, we scan the entire website for advanced information by brute forcing sub-domains, folders, and files and also by advanced crawling to identify hidden information that tends to be exploited. This will ensure a wider scope of scanning and more assurance on website security.

Website Exposure Monitoring

Since it is essential to improve your website security posture and reduces the chances of being attacked as a result of the exposed information, it is not enough to only scan your website once and assume it is safe. It is as well important to keep monitoring by automating exposure scans every day and detecting any new or changed exposed information.

At ScanTitan, we provide the third offering which is website exposure monitoring to ensure continuous monitoring and alerting. In monitoring your website, our free website enumeration scanner ensures to check your website to detect any new or change exposed information from time to time, monitor interval daily, collects and analyze relevant data in real-time to detect any potential attacks that may affect your brand.