This guide will tell you what is vulnerability intelligence and exploit intelligence, why they are important, and how to get benefits using ScanTitan Vulnerability and Exploit intelligence features.


What is vulnerability and exploit intelligence?

Vulnerability and exploit intelligence are the basis of a good security strategy for your website. They play an important role in securing your website and every security strategy you have mapped out.

In simple terms, vulnerability intelligence is a key part of the risk assessment framework that enables an organization to consider a broader view when assessing a particular vulnerability or a set of vulnerabilities.

Exploit intelligence also enables an organization to consider a broader picture when assessing a particular exploit or set of exploits that gives an attacker access to the organization’s network.

As many of us are aware that the problem with vulnerability information from a different source is that it can contain unclear reports. At times, the information is inaccurate which leads to an action that is unnecessary or wrong. This is where the vulnerability research comes in because knowing the vulnerability in itself is not enough information to help organizations stay secure.

We at ScanTitan, therefore, improve the data with vulnerability and exploit intelligence and sends vulnerability alerts and exploit alerts that support the steps of risk assessment.

Hackers are taking advantage of these vulnerabilities in websites and exploiting them which is why the need for vulnerability intelligence and exploit intelligence is essential. With strong security practices, you can be assured that many vulnerabilities are not exploitable for your company. ScanTitan is a website vulnerability scanner that detects vulnerabilities in your website and sends you vulnerability alerts to close vulnerabilities.

You can refer to Wikipedia to know about vulnerability here and exploit here.

How can I monitor vulnerabilities and exploits using ScanTitan?

In ensuring security for your online services, ScanTitan offers vulnerability intelligence and exploit intelligence to mitigate the risk of getting attacked by cybercriminals.

  • Vulnerability intelligence: ScanTitan compiles vulnerability information from multiple sources including software vendors, security professionals, public and governmental organizations, and individuals. For each of these vulnerabilities, we at ScanTitan examine, information about exploits, historical data, critical ratings, potential fixes, and various parameters. With this package, you also get vulnerability alerts on relevant vulnerabilities in your system. You do this by subscribing to keywords and get vulnerability alerts for that keyword. For example, “WordPress”, when you subscribe for this keyword, you get vulnerability alerts for it
  • Exploit Intelligence: ScanTitan compiles exploit information from different sources including security professionals, software vendors, individuals, public and governmental organizations. With this package, you get exploit alerts on relevant exploits on your computer system. Just like the vulnerability intelligence, you subscribe for keywords and get exploit alerts for that keyword. For example, “WordPress”, you will get exploit alerts for WordPress exploits. Improving your organization’s security posture is about reducing the attack surface and risk. Here, exploit intelligence provides one of the layers of information that helps determine the risk profile for systems and users. With ScanTitan, you get exploit alerts that enable you to pull code and analyze what the exploit does.