ScanTitan | Terms and Conditions

1. Overview

This policy is to restrict un-acceptable use of ScanTitan services and assets by end-user. In case of any illegal use, the responsibility is on the used person and ScanTitan will expose any useful information to the authorized person under his/her request.

2. Scope

The scope of this policy include all services provided by ScanTitan and those assets that are exposed to public Internet.

3. Policy

A. Acceptable Use

The main acceptable use of ScanTitan services is to be used by the authorized person. Authorized person is the owner of the website/asset under test, or any other authorized person with knowledge and permission from the direct owner of the website/asset under test.

B. Un-Acceptable Use

Any use that is not included in the previous policy (Acceptable Use), considered as un-acceptable use and that include but not limited to:

4. Responsibility

Responsibility for doing the scan/test is on the user that requested the service.