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All in One
Website Security

Without delay get your website secured. To emphasize, all together in one platform, that includes vulnerability scanning, malware monitoring, website blacklisting monitoring, exposure monitoring, and threat intelligence.

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website security
Security Checks
False Positive

Continuous Website Security

Set and Forget: Keep your website secured with little manual work.

  • All Layers Security Scanning

    In the foreground, website security means security on all layers including the website, hosting server and the hosting network.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Achieve website security with automated continuous security monitoring with no manual action required.

  • Real-time Alerting

    Get immediate notification when security issue is detected so you take action before it affects your website users and minimize the impact.

  • Expert Support

    Get professional support from our security experts to help you in protecting your website and fix security issues.


0 USD / Month


Basic security for everyone


9.96 USD / Month


Security for blog/small websites


12.96 USD / Month


Security for website owners and small businesses


40.51 USD / Month


For consultants, web developers, and penetration testers.


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Security and threat intelligence for enterprises

360 Security

Know Your Attack Surface

Use ScanTitan security scanner to identify your attack surface through exposure scanning and enumeration of information weather in your website, The Internet or Dark web.

Get full visibility and recommendation about your website security exposure.

External Monitoring

We live in the cloud.

There is no need to do any configuration on your website.

We monitor your website security and availability as external visitors.

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On Cloud
Wordpress Drupal Security

WordPress, and Others

Our website vulnerability scanners will identify your website management system so we run customized security checks. Identifying security issues related to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla…and others to help protect your website with best security recommendations because hackers will always target default settings and deployments.

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How to secure your website?

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