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Website Malware Scanning
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Website Malware Scan

ScanTitan provides malware scanning in packages that range from Free, Small Business to Enterprise. Get your website scanned to identify any malicious content like viruses, webshells, backdoors, hidden iframes, and malicious JavaScript. Prevent website traffic loss, website blacklisting, domain blacklisting and malicious redirects.

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Lightweight Scanning

ScanTitan is able to scan entire website within minutes. With no compromise in the effectiveness of results.

Get 100% effective results without exhausting your website resources or impacting its performance using our smart crawling technology.

Free Malware Monitoring

ScanTitan is the only free website security monitoring service. Just signup and get free scanning and monitoring to ensure your website is always secure. When a malware is detected, an immediate alert is sent to you.

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WordPress, and Others

Our services are compatible with famous website management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and others. Protect your website with best security recommendations as hackers always target default settings and deployments.

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