This article will guide you on how to monitor your cyber brand security using ScanTitan cyber brand monitoring to prevent digital image issues, traffic drops, and your customer trust loss.


What is cyber brand monitoring?

Cyber brand monitoring is very essential in your business if you want to consistently stand out, retain customers on your website, and also have more traffic on your website.

Cyber brand monitoring entails monitoring to avoid getting your website blacklisted and your emails classified as spam, monitoring your domain expiry day, SSL certificate renewal, domain, and IP address of your webserver reputation.

Brand monitoring is simply the analysis of a brand’s growth, reputation, and associated brand content. With this in mind, you should know that website blacklist monitoring and also the monitor of issues that damage your brand and cause a loss in traffic is very vital to your brand. Others include SSL certificates monitoring, suspicious social media posts, and others.

When you do not take proactive actions in monitoring your brand’s visibility and blacklisting list, you might end up losing your brand’s reputation and falling a victim of having an attacked website.

You can continue reading about website monitoring in Wikipedia here.


Why is cyber brand monitoring important?

Wen employing cyber brand monitoring on your website and online service, you will be able to:

  • Avoid brand damage: In protecting your brand’s reputation and your media visibility, you should understand that it is important to have a strong domain and IP reputation. Knowing that your email reputation is key in the world of email marketing, you need to regularly carry out website blacklist monitoring to avoid getting your emails classified as spam. Blacklists are lists of IPs and domains that are believed to be sending spam to users’ inboxes. In recent times, it was shown that spam accounted for nearly 60% of global email. You do not want your email messages to be listed among the statistics which is why you should conduct a regular website blacklist check. To avoid intrusion in your email delivery, ScanTitan provides a website blacklist monitoring to help you with delisting. Having your email messages not counted among those numbers would do a great deal to your brand’s reputation.
  • Identify and address scammers: It is no strange news that brand scammers are always on the lookout for the names and fame of brands to ride on their popularity. Brand monitoring allows you to detect scammers who adopt a brand and domain names that are confusingly similar to that of yours. If precautionary measures are not taken, you might find your website blacklisted which would have a great repercussion on your brand.
  • Avoid business loss: Without proper monitoring of your website to take proactive actions, you may gradually start to lose your business to your competition. You would not want to lose your business for no one starts a business without the intention of thriving and gaining online reputation. One way to avoid this is to regularly conduct website brand monitoring and website blacklist monitoring to know the state of your website and be abreast of actions to take.
  • Avoid traffic loss: If your website gets blacklisted, emails get classified as spam, and your domain expires, you will lose SEO rank and traffic. Through website brand monitoring and ensuring website blacklist monitoring, you can avoid all these, keep track of proper trademark use, advertising online, negative reviews, keywords, and domain names that show other websites instead of your own. Keeping track of these would ensure your brand meets higher google search rankings and other SEO benefits to gain more traffic on your website.


How can I monitor my cyber brand with ScanTiTan?

With the right tools, ScanTitan can help your website improve your customer services online and thrive in business. We do this by offering website brand monitoring.

  • Website Brand Monitoring: This package helps you monitor your website, prevent your website from blacklisting, avoid getting your emails classified as spams to check for insightful information about your brand from platforms, check market trends, avoid suspicious social media posts, ensure strong domain and IP reputation, and many other benefits to protect your cyber brand’s reputation.