This guide will tell you how to monitor your website availability and uptime by using ScanTitan free online website monitor.

As the world evolves today, websites become an increasingly vital tool for businesses and end-users relying on the internet for work or pleasure. With an increase in websites, there is a need for website availability monitoring.


What is website uptime monitoring?

Website monitoring is the process that involves testing and logging a website or web service for performance, function, or availability. An uptime monitoring is used to monitor the website regularly at custom intervals to ensure that the website is accessible for all users and its functionality and performance are up to standard.

With proper website monitoring, business owners can be assured that their website is not only running but also performing in the best way possible. Not only should a website be available, but it should also be reliable for a better end-user experience.

To ensure that it is performing at an optimum level, there is a need to employ an internet service that provides a systematic and thorough process to monitor your website.

You can continue reading about uptime in Wikipedia here.


Why is website monitoring important?

Website monitoring covers a wide range of variables that has a great effect on the performance of a website. These variables may include database, network, and server connectivity. Your business can benefit from website monitoring by comparing the performance metrics of your website against your competition. You can also use website monitoring to ensure that your web hosting providers are holding to the end of the service agreement.

Some advantages attributed to website monitoring is:

  • It prevents incidents: Website availability monitoring helps you avoid incidents and even when incidents occur, they are quickly detected which helps you save time and money. If for example, your website is working slowly or not working well and you do not have a monitoring system, it will probably take hours before you realize that there is a problem (maybe as a result of a user’s complaints), which could cause a reasonable loss of money. A good website monitoring system can give warnings as the problems arise, giving you room to resolve the issue immediately and minimize the time your page is down or running slow.
  • It improves the image of your company: By preventing falls in the service or reducing the time of resolution of it, the image of your company won’t just be improved, your customer service will also be improved because you would not want to get notified by a consumer or visitor as you cannot monitor the website manually. Imagine your online store is inoperative, not only will you lose the sales that you will make on that day, but also the customer as the user might think that your business is not going well. Also, you could pass on the experience of that malfunction to family, friends, acquaintances, or even social networks, which would be bad publicity and would further harm your business.
  • It enables you to spend less time controlling the proper functioning of the systems: A website monitoring system performs an uptime monitoring and therefore takes control basically of the proper functioning of the systems. This way, your staff will be able to focus and devote more time to other necessary tasks, knowing fully well that, if an issue arises, you will receive corresponding alerts. This will also lead to an increase in your productivity which is a vital reason why you need a website availability monitoring system.
  • It improves the use of hardware of your company: A website monitoring system through the control of its good operation detects if your server is not working properly and give notice of it and you can then make the decision to repair or replace it.


How can I monitor my website with ScanTitan for free?

Understanding the importance of monitoring your website, you should know that website availability monitoring is about uptime.

ScanTitan offers website uptime monitoring basic and advanced uptime monitoring. The basic form, which is free, of service may be enough for smaller, two-tier websites. While larger businesses, especially those that feature on-site transactions are better off with the advanced website uptime monitoring to remain competitive.

Our uptime monitoring supports ICMP (Ping), TCP Ping, or HTTP Status code monitoring.

  • Basic uptime monitoring: ScanTitan offers free uptime monitoring to check for a successful response or a specific response from websites and APIs every 5 minutes. ScanTitan free website availability monitoring can also measure the timing and the code of the response and issue alerts for the unavailable services. As said earlier, you can go for this offer if you have a smaller website.
  • Advanced uptime monitoring: With the advanced uptime monitoring package, ScanTitan can check the availability as frequently as once per minute avoiding costly downtime and lost business behind the firewall or over the web.