This guide will tell you how to find your website security vulnerabilities and weakness by using ScanTitan free online vulnerability scanner.


What is website vulnerability?

According to research, it has shown on average that websites experience a cyber attack of over 25 times per day which implies over 9,000 attacks per year. Website vulnerability simply refers to a misconfiguration or weakness in a website that gives room for a hacker to gain some level of control of the website. Lack of website security, at times, allows the hacker to gain control of the hosting server. These reoccurring vulnerabilities are mostly exploited through automated means, such as vulnerability botnets and scanners. These cybercriminals create specialized tools to search the internet for certain platforms like WordPress intending to check website vulnerabilities that are publicized. Immediately they are found, these vulnerabilities are then exploited to steal data, distribute spiteful contents, or insert spam content into the vulnerable site.

You can continue reading about website vulnerability in Wikipedia here.


Why is it important to know and close all website vulnerabilities?

  1. Your website is your brand: You should take note of this. Not only is it your brand, but it is also in most cases your first contact with customers. Therefore, if it is not secure, those extremely important business relationships can be compromised. The threat can also come as a form of stealing customer information and even taking full control or crashing the site. An improper web application security could mean a whole lot for your brand which is why you need a website security checker to keep your website free from vulnerabilities.
  2. Hackers are targeting unpatched websites: The problem with hackers attacking unpatched websites keeps increasing daily. Many people still do not understand the reason why hackers keep attacking their websites. If you are a website owner or a web developer, you might have encountered this problem. You probably think that you have no secret information on your website, or maybe you have no content about credit card details and you still got your website hacked. Then why do you still fall victim, you ask? It is neither you nor your site in most cases. The hackers target the software that you use! When they successfully do this, they can generate money from it. And research has shown that close to 50,000 websites get hacked every day. This means a lot of money to hackers. Knowing what harm these cybercriminals can do to your website, you must secure your website. You can scan your website using a website vulnerability scanner. Please note that website security is not a scan and forget solution. That is, you should see it as a continuous process and a vital part of managing a website. Website security helps you to keep cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive data. Also, knowing website vulnerabilities helps you detect security weaknesses quickly before a hacker and close the vulnerability.
  3. Vulnerabilities are being discovered every minute: Research has shown that vulnerabilities are being discovered and over 504 new cyber threats were being populated every minute on the internet and we can’t keep up to filter only relevant vulnerabilities. Every infection leads to a threat to customers, financial loss, and business disruption. This may become disastrous if we don’t check website vulnerability and take precautionary measures.
  4. An unprotected website is a security risk: When your website is unprotected, it is a risk to your brand, website visitors, your business, other business, your SEO rank, and traffic. It gives room for the spread and increase of malware, attacks on their sites, and even attacks against other websites. Therefore, it is necessary to check website vulnerability and close all vulnerabilities as it can tarnish the image of your business, and affect your customers. ScanTitan is a free website vulnerability scanner online that can serve as a website security scan for your website to ensure vulnerabilities are closed. It is an automated tool that scans web applications externally to check website vulnerability such as SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, path traversal, command injection, and insecure server configuration.


How can I find website vulnerabilities with ScanTitan?

We solved website security issues by providing three solutions that suite all websites: basic scanning (for personal websites and blogs), advanced scanning, and continuous vulnerability monitoring. The packages on the free website vulnerability scanner perform a great deal in running a free website security scan, securing your website from attacks, and closing all vulnerabilities.

The packages are:

Basic Vulnerability Scanning (Free)

This package offers a website security scan on the web application layer. On the basic vulnerability scanning, we provide free web application vulnerability scanning that comprises advanced vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL Injection, XXE Injection, and others. At this stage, we run a website security scan and help you identify the website vulnerability. With this website security checker, you can be assured identifying vulnerabilities on your website before hackers do because we do not only find vulnerabilities only but we mimic the hackers in how to find other vulnerabilities that normal vulnerability scanner might not notice.

360 Vulnerability Scanning

On our 360 website vulnerability scanner, we do not only carry out a website security scan on the application level, but we also perform vulnerability scanning on web hosting level, server level, and network level. This involves scanning the web server layer, the hosting service that is serving the HTTP/HTTPS request to visitors. Unlike other website vulnerability scanner online, we ensure to detect and close all vulnerabilities that will affect your website or give hackers access to pose a threat to your brand, your customers, and other websites.

Website Vulnerability Monitoring

Since website security is one of the vital aspects of any online business strategy as it is a target for attackers, it is not enough to only scan. It is therefore essential to keep monitoring by automating the vulnerability scan every day and alerting on new vulnerabilities. As we said, that you need continuous scanning, we provide the third offering which is website vulnerability monitoring to provide continuous monitoring and alerting. In monitoring your website, our free vulnerability scanner ensures to check your website vulnerability from time to time making use of the website security scan, custom time zone for every target, monitor interval daily, collects and analyze relevant data in real-time to detect any potential attacks that may affect your organization and reputation. We also alert you on any security weakness, exposed information, or potential threats.

You can compare our plans and features for each package on our pricing page.